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Caroline Wamsteker

Caroline Wamsteker

Personal Leadership Coach


Personal Leadership Coach

I was asked, as the company’s chairperson/CEO, to open and finish a seminar. Thanks to the help and guidance received from Caroline, I stood there with confidence, which turned it into a great success. Not only because of my work backstage, but also surely because of my confident on stage performance. Even in giving small presentations and speeches, I notice the differences. They have became much more calm and professional, many thanks Caroline!

Annelies van O., march 2015

I don’ t know what it is, but after speaking with you I always leave full of happiness and with new found energy. I woke up this morning with a huge smile on my face, I already talked to my partner about the methods we discussed and am so glad he is willing to help me. This counts as a great accomplishment for me, being able to share this with him and feeling comfortable asking for help. Caroline, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools I needed to be able to help myself. I think you’ re great!

B.S., august 2014

The past few weeks I have realized how much I trust you, and how unique that is for me. I’ve also realized that it is hard for me to put into words why I trust you like this. Apparently ‘trusting someone’ isn’t a rational process. Nevertheless I’ll keep trying to give expression to what ‘trust’ is exactly, so that I can make the thing that I feel tangible for both mind and spirit.  It seems to be the combination of the consistency and balance in your approach towards me, your willingness to keep asking me those complicated questions and the humanness you radiate, not being perfect, but being someone with an beautiful personal goal.

Anonymous, January 2014

Few people I know have such an open perspective on life. Caroline connects to you in a unique way, finding the deeper meaning by using only that that  which is truly important. This has always been so inspiring to me. Each and every time I am amazed by the new discoveries I make about myself, but Caroline humbly tells me each time that these discoveries are all my doing. Yes, this might be true… but it can’t be that simple, if that was the case we would have all figured it out by our selves / on our own.

P.l. , November 2013

It was my network that brought me to Caroline. I was looking for a new job, but mostly searching for what really motivates me. The thing I noticed about Caroline, is that she is able to work with you emotionally, while efficiently achieving your personal goals. This combination is very rare. Coaching often is too vague / wishy washy , or it is very concrete but way to general. Caroline finds the perfect balance between the two. She listens carefully , analyses, and trough doing just that is able to expose what motivates and triggers you. And most important, explain it to you which allowed me to understand and accept why one thing would give me more energy then other things. Caroline’s coaching made me realize that I should look for my new job in a more personal environment, in which I would get all the space I need to develop even further and continue to grow.

Long story short, I recommend everybody who is on an important crossroad in life, or feels the need to truly find what it is that motivates you, to get in touch with Caroline. Regardless, you will learn new things about yourself, in a non-confronting, but very informative way. Not only is this extremely useful, its also lots of fun. 

Rob Zondervan, October 2013

As an MMS Certified Coach I follow the (proven) coachmethod of MMS. Essentially  this means using all that you feel to answer your own questions. Together we will determine our approach, and I will guide and support you in achieving your goals.

I am an MMS certified Master  coach and registered as Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with ICF (International Coach Federation).

Personal Leadership Coach
Personal Leadership Coach