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Caroline Wamsteker

Caroline Wamsteker

Personal Leadership Coach

What I have to offer

Personal Leadership Coach


Coaching can support you in your personal development, the development of your talents and finding the right balance. We will partner on creating more awareness and developing your ability to make choices and get into action.

In this co-creation everything is possible. As a MMS coach I break through thinking with the aid of feelings. Getting coached by me is intuitive, grounded, goal and action oriented. I listen closely and respectfully for all that hits a cord with you.

Do you want to be in the driver’s seat of your own life? Do you want to make time for your personal development? Do you want to know what your next step is? Then Coaching is an excellent option.

Executive Transition Coaching

In this process the focus of the coaching is totally geared towards your transition, with a high intensity, deep inner work and results.

  • What is necessary to make the transition to a next position?
  • Reflect on your experiences and the feelings that go along with them.
  • Healing past incidents wherever necessary.
  • Enlarging self-reflection
  • Find possible alternative solutions and answers to your questions.
  • What does your next step look like and how to get there?
Personal Leadership Coach
Personal Leadership Coach